A butterfly and a flower bud
There's was a beautiful little world
A wandering butterfly and a grounded flower bud
She was rooted in reality
And he was afloat in fantasy

She had questions to ask
To answer was his only task
He had stories to narrate
To hear was her fate

They were together
Hoped it lasted forever
Yet they knew to dream was a crime
There was an enemy in time

They lived in the moment
Their worlds lost in the present
They thanked fate, cherished the gift
Knowing someday they'll go adrift

Though Fate was on their side
The evil time too was standing beside
One enjoyed watching the two play
The other waiting to call it a day

Finally, the time had come
For the two souls to succumb
Their joys swept by tears
Hearts filled with fears

Together they awaited the end
The curse that was about to descend
The elemental time swirled
Ending a beautiful little world

The clouds send down its wrath
The bud left with the aftermath
A life lost in a flash
A soul reduced to ash

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Visitor's Comments
Sushant Waradkar   [Jun 22, 2009 11:30 AM]:
This poem of yours really made me emotional..a brilliant write sir..!!
Srivinay Salian   [Jun 23, 2009 12:02 PM]:
Am glad you liked it :)