3 Buckets

3 buckets laid out for me

Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

And a choice left to me

How I spend the new day


4 hours go in sleep

For body needs it bad

20 left for me, to keep

20, is what I always had


5, I trade with future

For days, I wish to see

5 more offered in prayer

So life goes bit easy


5 lost to my memories

Of times, gone by

5 wasted in agonies

Over things I let sly


At the end of it all

I set to spend the remnant

Truth dawns, makes me gall

Nothing to do, but resent


Two buckets filled to brim

Marked Yesterday and Tomorrow

And Today suffers for my whim        

Stares, with eyes of sorrow


Wish! The day would bounce

And I, no longer be a puppet

Would fill my Today, once

Before I kick the Bucket


-      Shunyatha



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