In Nature, no being will ever try to prove what it already is. A tree will never try to prove that it is a tree, nor a seed will try to prove itself a seed. No being, except for mankind has ever suffered with an identity crisis. None of the beings have ever experienced any conflict with their true self. All have the necessary intelligence to understand the Reality of their individual Existence. And perhaps that is why there is such peace in their existence.


Unfortunately, somewhere during the process of Existence, Humans mutated in their consciousness and ventured into an alien domain of Fantasy.  This tour of Fantasyland has continued ever since and very few have managed to realize that it is a trip away from Home, a trip that was not meant to last forever, ultimately they need to go Home. A fortunate few have somehow managed to reach Home. That leaves the rest of us,  who are still trapped and have got so used to it that now we find it strange when someone says - it’s not Real! For most of us, the situation has gotten so worse that we want the Fantasyland to be Real.


Somehow we have developed a craving for a situation other than What Is. We are not happy with What Is. We constantly crave for Change. Some of us proudly refer the saying that – Change Is Inevitable. There is just one flaw in this saying – it originated within the sphere of the Fantasyland and hence it holds true only within the boundaries of the Fantasyland. In Reality, Existence is ever Constant, there is no Change. How can there be any Change when there is no scope for any Change in any given moment. Change requires Time, and Existence is beyond the dimensions of Time.


However, we ignore that and justify our individual seeking by convincing ourselves that Mankind was meant to evolve. That Evolution is the purpose of Mankind.


It simply seems we are all inflicted with some sort of inferiority complex. We are not happy with who we are. We strive to grow, to evolve, to reach a destination that does not exist.


Whether it is money, fame, security, love or enlightenment – all those who seek are craving for the impossible. All our so called Goals in life are just Concepts, whether it is wealth, status, comfort, love or for that matter the ultimate realization – all are but Concepts that were sown on the fertile ground of the Fantasyland. It is obviously impossible for Concepts to emerge as Reality, because the very ground where the Concepts are born is perishable. All that Begins will End. A Concept originates and so shall it perish. But Reality remains as it is. We can mask it with any Concept we want. But beneath the masks, Reality remains intact. Someday the masks will wear out and Reality will emerge afresh.



In Reality we are just Humans, like the trees are just trees, animals, just animals, birds, just birds and stones, just stones. There’s really nothing more to it. Like all beings, we are created and shall perish.


But to be content with being “just” Humans is what troubles us. We want to be something more than that… may be better Humans, or Messiahs or God almighty himself, if possible.


Our need for this switch, is the root cause of the chaos that we constantly experience.


If only we realize that we are just Humans and there cannot be any glamour in our existence just because we crave for it, we would perhaps gradually settle down and give up the quest for the gold that does not exist.


Yes. It is possible to achieve the goals set in the Fantasyland but that achievement is also a Fantasy. In Reality, we have not changed. We are still Human at the core. No matter our achievements, no matter our failures, we cannot Change our being Human. We can calls ourselves, rich, poor, winner, loser, good bad, sinner, saint but at the core we are just Human. 


No matter, what we do, what we try to be, we cannot Change this Reality – of being Human.


In the end, if we all need to return to the Source. Then what is the point in running in all the different directions and exerting ourselves.


Why can’t we just be, where we are, as who we are, and simply Relax?  


- Shunyatha 

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