The Sinner

A man commits sin

Entire nation chides

He’s guilty who deviates

While society abides


And so he shall suffer                                 

Never shall he stride

His sin called upon

Be condemned and tried


Then comes the lapse

You, so righteous, bumble

latch on to the act

and eventually crumble


the gravity withers

as you mock and tease

then you forget the sin

with such sheer ease


mere an incident, after all

how long be remembered

Sinner inducted back again

His sins, now tempered


Sagacious, you so seem

Your acts ever so trite

Sins be shunned awhile

Then forget sans contrite


Words ‘ve lost its meaning

Time has twisted the fact

Sinner ain’t, he who sins

But one, caught in the act


-      Shunyatha

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