The Quest!

Not sure how many of us have wondered over this question? How many of us would frankly admit, their life being a quest!


But even if there’s one being out there who has searched the soul, to quench the quest, this essay is dedicated to that soul.


You may wonder, why is there the quest in the first place. And if it is there, why is it so difficult to solve?


The answer is simple, but obviously not pleasant.


We understand and can comprehend that our body has a form. A definite structure, with a distinct beginning and an end. Even our brain has a form. Like all physical objects, our body and brain too have finite forms. But what about Mind? Can we say that Mind has a form? No!!


Simply because, it ain’t a physical object like brain or body. Rather, it’s the unseen element (energy to be precise), whose existence can be only determined by the effect it has on the physical objects. In this case, our body and brain.


So, we know Mind exists. And we also know, that it doesn’t have a form. Which means, it doesn’t have a distinct demarcation of end and beginning.


This raises another question. If Mind is formless, then how can one differentiate between the mind of one being from that of another. Being formless means being like air. Mind must then be omnipresent just like air.


Wouldn’t that mean, that the mind of one being is either joined seamlessly to the mind of the other being. Shouldn’t we then conclude since there isn’t any demarcation, that Mind is just "One".


We may be several beings, but all tapping to the one centralized potent consciousness called, Mind.


The quest is never of the body or the brain, which are mere physical objects without the ability to think. It’s the Mind that thinks, comprehends and analyzes. It’s the Mind that raises the questions, seeks the answers. It’s the Mind that has the quest.


So then, can it be possible for one being to attain freedom from the quest, while the other is still seeking. For, both share the same Mind. If the quest has ended, it would end for all at once and not for a specific group of beings.


This leads to just one possible conclusion. The quest, as we know it, is not going to end for one, while the other still hangs in the limbo.


If it happens, it happens for whole of the Universe in a snap. Else, no matter how hard, one tries, the quest will remain unsolved.


The best analogy to explain this would be of a examination classroom, that has a strict teacher. You may have solved your question paper, but the teacher would not let you leave the class, until all others have finished solving their question papers.


You may be done with your process, but you still have to wait till the bell rings, announcing the end of time and leave with all others at the same time.


The world is full of enlightened souls, but they have not transitioned into some metaphysical plane. They are still here, walking the very earth we live in. Waiting for the rest of humanity to solve its quest, so together all can transcend to the next level.



-     Shunyatha

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