The Woman...

It’s never easy to live by a man

Who isn’t tied to any clan


Who thinks like a devil

And acts like an angel

Who lives by his rule

And shuns the bible


For whom all stand equal

Loved ones, friends and foes

Who would speak his heart

And not care for the woes


Who is averse to joys

And prone to the pain

Who carries the burden

With nothing to gain


For whom words matter more

Than the blood spilled over

Who may succumb to defeat

But still not deter


Who could trade his soul

Just to make one smile

Yet, when the rule is broken

Will be distant by a mile


It’s never easy for any woman

To live by such a man

Yet, you came from nowhere

And just said "you can"


I have seen the world

All there is to see

You alone are the woman

For a man like me


- The Man

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