Oneness of Being

[Note: A friend of mine was assigned a task to speak on a topic - Oneness of Being. The friend being clueless asked me what would I write. Well, when that happens to me, I let my imagination run wild, and here's what they brought back... :P]


A study in Microbiology suggests that human body is inhabited by  thousands of microorganisms. Since our birth till our death, these microorganisms pass through several life cycles. Yet, the microorganisms in the stomach never ever meet the microorganisms that inhabit our skin or tongue. Nor does it meet the microorganisms living in the scalp of our head.


Separate from each other these microorganisms collectively work to keep our body healthy. Yes, they are there to defend our immune systems from external foreign diseases or illness. Even though they remain strangers to each other for their entire existence they still serve a collective purpose. They are born and die in the specific part of our body for their entire life. For them that part of our body is their universe.


If we analyze this aspect of nature, we are compelled to consider the possibility that what if we like these microorganisms are just entities inhabiting some body. What if we are a tiny entity of a greater being? We may not be ever aware of the existence of others like us, but that cannot rule out the possibility that there is a greater being.


Like the microorganisms in our stomach would never realize that it inhabits a living person, there’s a possibility we may never realize what we inhabit and how real it is.


We may call this greater being a universe. And from that perspective, we are just a tiny speck of an enormous greater being that categorises us as mere organisms living inside it.


We are all accustomed to our microscopic perception about life. And it’s not entirely our fault, since we have inherited this view of life from our ancestors. For ages, man’s strong urge to know everything around him, has brought him so close to the subject that his view has become microscopic. We tend to see things as an independent entity. But in doing so we, tend to miss the larger picture.


It’s our ego that craves for a separate entity, for ego thrives on its idea of individuality. But if we ignore this urge of the ego, we will soon realize that we are just a tiny speck in the greater universe. We may have our own form and consciousness, yet we are mere a microorganism in an far greater macro Universe.  

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