For the love of Dog!

I usually don’t talk about such ‘shit’ stuff, or in this case the ‘piss’ stuff… but If I don’t share this with someone, my bladder will burst, so here you go…


My idea behind having a dog, is not to fill some void or have a companion. That, way, the recluse within me suffers from Enochlophobia. There’s already too many people around all the time, don’t need another one.


But me and dogs are bound for a different reason. I like to interact with a being that has a different set of intelligence than humans. I don’t believe their intelligence is similar to ours and that they go through the emotions like us.


A study, I once read, mentioned a gene in human brain that warrants for the emotions we experience. In all other beings, this gene is not as developed as in us. Clearly, we have gone through a lot because of it. I prefer spending my time with a being that is not emotionally driven, rather is instinct-driven. For some reason, I feel, I can relate with that.


Human’s have ages of conditioning that moulds their rationality, which we proudly engage in, every now and then. But to me, rationality has a flaw in it. It’s based on some series of notions that one believes to be the right conduct. And when it comes to belief, it’s the case of - to each it’s own.


So, I prefer dogs! They are completely instinctive and natural, not conditioned like humans. That’s the sole reason behind me being addicted to the idea of owning them. They don’t fill any void, rather, they serve as mates, with whom one can be naked and yet brash. With dogs, the comfort is to that level.


Which is why, I prefer them as is. I don’t believe in training them. I don’t seek to have a robot, which functions on my command. I prefer dealing with a completely unpredictable being that has the potential to surprise me or shock me at any given moment.


So, I started having dogs. And with each dog that I owned I secretly craved for one moment that would connect us. One moment, that tells me, this could only happen between us. This is our special moment.


With Eddie, my Great Dane, it was the way, he felt one with me. There was a time, when  I was having meal with my family and was having a slice of mango. Out of nowhere comes Eddie and starts eating the other end of the slice. It was an instinctive act. The family was shocked. I connected.


With Elvis, my Labrador, it was the way he ignored me. For him, I was just a piece of furniture, yet, a furniture, he can’t live without. There was a time, while I was lying on the floor. Elvis came along. He didn’t realize that he was crossing over me. He just crossed as if I were a piece of log, a hurdle, he was supposed to jump through. That was my special moment. I instantly connected with him and we bonded.


With Eva, my Bullmastiff it was the way, she felt the need to lean against me all the time. No matter where I was, what I was doing, Eva would just come, notice I am not paying attention and quietly, she would lean against me, and sleep. That was a special moment with her. The moment that connected us.


I had many dogs in my life. Now, I have Irene, a Boxer. Irene’s had been already a week old at my place. And subconsciously I was craving for that one moment of connection. And then it happened two days back.


Irene and I share a room and the attached bathroom. Since, she’s trained to pee in the bathroom, I have to keep it open all the time. And it skipped my mind when I had to go to the loo. So, I was relieving my business facing the western toilet in my bathroom. And in comes Irene, stands at the door and looks up quizzically. Now, if you are man, you would know this is one moment, you don’t like to do anything else. You just prefer standing like a statue. I did the same and ignored her. She strolled between, me and the western toilet, then took a turn and walked through, between my two legs that were naturally spread apart, again like any ordinary man would do. She went behind me, faced the other side and started relieving her business.


Now, I was curious and I turned my head, only to find her doing the same. She was still facing the other side, still doing her business but with her head turned back and glancing at me.


Clearly, this wasn’t my first time sharing the bathroom with an opposite gender, but it was definitely the first time I did with another breed. This had to be the special moment of connection - the golden moment. We connected. We bonded. And she secured the highest place in my book of dog bonding instances.


I was floored. I was amused. I was worried. She had won me over. Now, am officially, her Bitch!


- A dog Lover!

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