I grew insane...

There was a time, when I was sane

I lived, a mortal, on a human plain

Then it struck me out of nowhere

I ain’t belong here, this ain’t my lair


There was a time, when I was sane

Then world just got so mundane

I cut the cord that chained me

That was when I began to see


World ain’t the place for the sane

Why play the game of joy -n- pain

Why dwell in the circle of bondage

They call it life, I call it cage


Here I am, grounded to my soul

I stand alone, yet feel so whole

They deny me, my reason to be

They shun me, for being me


They tried to mould me as them

What they did led to mayhem

They grew tired, I grew insane

But, there was a time, I was sane


- Shunyatha

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