an ode to love

Why is there so many misconceptions about love!


When all there is to understand about it is to know that it’s not a concept to comprehend, but an emotion to experience. Nothing more, nothing less.


Love is the peak of joy. It’s where an individual loses the  so cherished control over self and lets an other being take control over one’s emotion, by instigating pure passion.


Love is not the food we eat, that we can cook it up to our taste. It’s like an  appetite. It just happens. You have no control about when you feel hungry or not. Love is just like that.


Love is not the clothes we wear. We cannot go and shop for it in the stores. It’s rather the person, who is wearing the clothes. It’s your nature that decides what kind of clothes you will wear. Same way, it’s your nature that decides what kind of love you will experience. Will it be shallow or deep.


Love is not the house we stay in, designed to shelter us. Rather, Love puts you out there in the middle of a desert surrounded by wind. But it’s through love you realize that you need not search for an oasis. Because, you have become the oasis for another soul, who would come searching for you.



Love has been used by us some many times in so many ways, that it has lost its essence. And this butchery of the word ‘Love’ has been happening since man started speaking languages. So, it’s not entirely our fault that today we see love as an extension of what we want – something that comforts us, is meant for our pleasure. Today, we define love based on our emotions needs.


If only, we realize we cannot define something that has existed before us and will survive our end of existence too. Love is above Life, for without love, Life wouldn’t have come to existence. It’s the love of the sun, for the planet, that it keeps burning from eternity to eternity to provide light for the planet. Love is in the universe. And we try to confine it within the existence of our planet only. Love is the Nature that created us and lets us exploit it even when it has the power to annihilate us in an instance.


We can hope to be in love but can’t strive to be in love. Love happens to very few of us. Rest just live in the illusion of it.


Love is not about having a choice, rather it’s a state of helplessness where you give into to your nature to follow its own course.  Love is not about planning for love doesn’t think materialistically. Love is about reliving the experience every moment possible. Love isn’t about pain. For love doesn’t leave a place in the heart for ego. It’s the ego that causes pain. All the pains that we experience. And Ego cannot be killed, but love alone can heal us of it’s ailment. As long as love is in the heart, ego will not enter in. The day love dies, ego takes it’s place. It’s like Day and Night, both will never exist at the same time.


Love is not about deciding whether you want to fall into it or not. In fact, Love is like a friend who would quietly come from behind, without you noticing and politely whisper in your ears – that you are already in love.


Love does not trigger temptations which we can indulge in. In fact, love is about resistance. Our mind never wants to lose control over ourselves. And the moment love happens we get the sense of helplessness. The Mind then tries to fight as much as possible to convince us not to get into it.


But then its love – once it’s there, it’s there. It’s a choice you make to acknowledge its presence and follow its lead or simply ignore the calling and move on with the mundane life.


-      Shunyatha

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