The Ghost
He walks amidst mortals
faking to belong
he ain’t one of them 
yet chooses to pretend

His smiles never known joy
frowns never led to tears
his heart devoid of emotion
yet he struggles to blend

Got no goals no ambition
nor any ulterior motives
he ain't a foe to any one
yet ain't either a friend

He goes about his days
like every other soul
then slips into the nights
no guilt for time misspend

Immutable in his essence 
he’s immune to be driven
by the fickle nature of life
that shall ever impend

Philosophies of life
Stir no ripples in him
A soul, dead long ago
just waiting to transcend

He's a stranger in his home
who revels in his solitude
He’s the ghost under my skin
Who I shall never fend

- Shunyatha

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