Pukarti rahi der tak, bheed peeche se usse

Woh gustakh, magar ho chala, carawaan se alag

Gile shikwon ko unsuna kar, apne suroor me 

Woh nikla khudi ko talashne, jahaan se alag


Anjaan saayon ne ghere rakha umr bar usse

Woh zindagi mangta raha, panaah se alag


Har bashar nishaana saade tha, apni manzil par

Uss deewane ki nazar thi, har nigaah se alag


Koi zar-o-zameen ka bhuka tha, koi shaan-o-shaukat ka

Befikr uss gumraah ki chaah thi har chaah se alag


Bekhudi me mukar chala woh dair-o-haram se

Khudaaee ki dariyaaft karne, khudaa se alag 


Apni duniya me toh har shaks shehanshah hai

‘Sifar’ kyun samjhe fir khudh ko, kissi baadshah se alag


- Sifar



Starting now on, I plan to chip in an excerpt of what I had in mind while penning down the poetry. So whether or not the poetry itself manages to convey the thoughts, one could still empathize with the thought process.


Gustakh, is a poetry about a man who chose to walk a different path, one that is different than that of the society. The society calls him, tempts, then humiliates him for stepping out, but he continues to walk his path ignoring all voices.


He is surrounded by people, be it family or friends, but he feels alienated. He wants to experience life by himself, outside the comfort of emotional security.


His ambitions are different than that of others. He cares less for materialistic gains but rather is searching for a deeper self, following the path within. He is also looking for divinity, whilst not getting trapped in the concepts of gods and idols. Needless to say, in his mind, the path within leads to divinity.


He understands why the society has shunned him. The world is ruled by the majority. What they say becomes the law, like they are the ruler. They have decided that his act of alienating the society is wrong. He is aware that all concepts of rights and wrongs are mere perception, so needless to say, while the society believes they have the right to rule the world, he believes he has the right to rule his life. The word ‘Sifar’ means “zilch”, i.e.: worthless. So he has the deeper understanding that he is worth nothing but what’s the harm in believing he is the master of his destiny. At least, it’s better than following someone else’s path. 

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