Free Will

[NOTE: Was watching Happy Feet 2 again today. There was a dialog in it - There's no such thing as Free Will. And here's the poem inspired by it... :) ]



It’s happened before

It’ will happen again

Why then your heart fears

Why shed tears of pain


Ages lost in misery 

Denying the truth

Why bother to rebel?

Waste your blest youth?


Why build the castle in air, 

Dream of a distant shore

When descend is in order

Why even aspire to soar 


Life shall not heed, no man

Nor be taken, or shun’d away 

Fight all you want, as much can 

It’s bound to end anyway


It follows its own course

The path you call Destiny

Why yearn to resist it

Why deny the eventuality 


You may choose to believe

Live in the web of lies

Free will, but, is an illusion

Mere a cloak around your eyes


- Shunyatha

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