Ramblings: Love Vibe

Love isn’t the poetry you recite

Love isn’t the prose you narrate

For words may move the heart

But the soul, it cannot sedate



Love isn’t the idea you believe

Love isn’t the dream you share

For thoughts may reveal your mind

But it doesn’t tell, you care



Love isn’t the gifts you buy

Love isn’t the flowers you offer

Things may fade with time

Love is what shines forever



Love isn’t in your touch

Love surely isn’t in the kiss

For these may allure a while

But they lack the love’s bliss



Love isn’t what you think is

Love isn’t what you can control

For it's not a work of the mind

But an affair of the soul



Love isn’t for the heart to understand

Love isn’t for the mind to imbibe

Love is for one soul to experience

And another to catch the vibe




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