Ramblings: Love is like a Mirror!

It’s in front of us, yet oblivious. We stare at it but don’t see it.

When we stand facing it, what we see is not the Mirror but an image of us.

The Mirror stays there unnoticed, doing what it’s meant to do – it’s purpose, to reveal our true nature.


That’s why there are so many definitions of Love. As each one sees his own image.

A caring, sober person would say Love is Sacrifice, while an ambitious one, would say it about getting the desired one at all cost.


As many people are there, as many definitions of Love. But what we fail to realize, is we are not defining the Mirror, we are just defining our Perceptions, our desires, our needs.


All this while, Love, stares at us without any hope or expectation, fully aware no matter how long it stands in front of us, we humans will never really notice it.


We go about talking about the Reflections as if that were a Reality. What we forget is that Reality is unchanging constant, however, Reflection changes with each person. 


The Reflections last as long as someone is facing it. But the Mirror prevails whether or not someone’s standing in front of it.


Love doesn’t need humans to establish its Existence. Humans however, time and again need to stare into the Mirror and get a glimpse of it to comfort their wandering Souls. And to each, Love gives a new view.


Love is not what is seen. Love is what’s missed, when we try to see!

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