I remember

I was just ten

Heard about ghosts

For the first time

Sleep eluded me

Fear crept my bone

I cried for help

Couldn’t sleep alone

Dad laughed at me

But Mom came near

She slept beside me

Took away my fear

I rested in peace

Like I can’t be touched

No ghosts could hurt

While Mom stay’d clutched



I remember 

I was in my teen

Gave up milk

Took up caffeine

Then One day

I got ill, took to bed

Medicines didn’t help

Fever struck my head

Quietly in my room

I wept in pain

And like an angel 

Mom came in again

Curled in her arms

I lived through the night

Must be a miracle

By dawn, I was alright



Quite too often

Now I wonder

Was Life the real ‘Gift’

Or was it you, Mother!

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