His Day

Today was his day, what was meant to be

So many had come to see him finally

He stayed still and listened eagerly

As they sung his praise tearfully 



He embraced the hugs of his holders

With pride, rode on their shoulders

He was moved with what they had to say

As they carried him all through the way



He glanced at the world passing by

Thanked the man over the sky

This day, he chose to remember

As the best he had ever



Then came the time to part

They lowered him with heavy heart

He would be missed, he could foretell

With joy, he bid them all farewell



He starred at the sky, as night fell

Missing all who wished him well

He went to meet them one last time

and caught them all in their grime



The grievers were no longer grieving

He watched them merrily feasting

He cursed himself for being so naive

And quietly returned to his grave

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