The Truth about Being Unique
I met this man one day
Who threw some questions my way
He asked, what's special about me
Promptly I replied - my Individuality

He grinned and posed another
In what way, dear brother?
So I began to explain
The theory, I knew was sane

Such is Nature's formation
Unique is, it's each creation
And Nature never fails to dazzle
That's what makes me special

This time he laughed like hell
His laughter casted a spell
Then he asked few daunting ones
Couldn't answer those questions

If Unique is each entity,
Isn't Unique a common quality?
Why find value, where there's none?
Why crave to be "the only one"?

He stabbed my ego, killed my pride
So ashamed was I, just wanted to hide
There was Truth staring at me
Making me weak in the knee

The notion that often got me through
I was just told, wasn't true
Such was the moment's horror
I stopped looking in the mirror

~ Shunyatha

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