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Imagine...  - May 23, 2014





Imagine, being thrust out of darkness

Imagine, dangling at the mind’s end

Grammatically Incorrect  - May 06, 2014

He, She, Them & You

Then there's 'I' too

Words, that like sword

Amidst the Deads of Kashi  - May 02, 2014

A chance journey to holy Kashi

An unlikely trip to the Ghat

I watch the corpses i

The Soul  - Mar 22, 2014

I ain’t the Adam

But quite like him

Waking to a world


That Girl!!!  - Oct 02, 2013


There’s this girl, often I get to see

Through pictures, that lay a story

3 Buckets  - Sep 25, 2013

3 buckets laid out for me

Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

And a choice left to me

Humanity  - Sep 10, 2013

In Nature, no being will ever try to prove what it already is. A tree will never try to prove that it is a tree, nor a seed will try to prove itsel

The Sinner  - Sep 07, 2013

A man commits sin

Entire nation chides

He’s guilty who deviates

The Quest!  - Aug 18, 2013

Not sure how many of us have wondered over this question? How many of us would frankly admit, their life being a quest!


iss raha me aye dost, sambhal ke chalna

mere ghar ki galiyan zaraa pechiidaa hai

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