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The Woman...  - Aug 04, 2013

It’s never easy to live by a man

Who isn’t tied to any clan


Who thinks like a devil

And acts like an angel


A Conceptual Life...  - Jul 28, 2013

When I first ventured into filmmaking, I decided to make a documentary. The idea was simple. Interview people from various backgrounds, having diff

Oneness of Being  - Jul 27, 2013

[Note: A friend of mine was assigned a task to speak on a topic - Oneness of Being. The friend being clueless asked me what would I write. Well

ek adhuri mulakaat  - Jul 18, 2013

Muqaddar, yeh kiss mod pe le aayii hume

Ke rooh ko rahat aaj gawaaraa na hua


For the love of Dog!  - Jul 05, 2013

I usually don’t talk about such ‘shit’ stuff, or in this case the ‘piss’ stuff… but If I don’t share this with someone, my bladder wi

shadow of a man...  - Jul 04, 2013

Shed not your praises on him

There’s a reason, he seems grim

There’s nothing

I grew insane...  - Jul 04, 2013

There was a time, when I was sane

I lived, a mortal, on a human plain

Then it str

an ode to love  - Jun 29, 2013

Why is there so many misconceptions about love!


When all there is to understand about it is to know that it’s not

yaadon ki almaari  - Jun 23, 2013

tanhayion ke baraamdeh mein baita uktaah gaya tha

socha purani almaari khol kar dekh lu

haal ke sadmo.n se iss kadar dam ghut rahaa tha

Iss ghar ke do baashinde hai  - Jun 08, 2013

Iss ghar ke do baashinde hai

Kehne ko toh saath rehte hai

koii rishta bhi hai dono mein

Jayaz najayaz, jo bhi log kehte hai 

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