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Shayari  - Aug 18, 2010

Maut ke ghere me khada hu

Zindagi!! halka sa ishara to de


Sailabon ko paar kar lunga main

Tu ik tinke ka sahara to de

The Truth about Being Unique  - Jul 21, 2010
I met this man one day Who threw some questions my way He asked, what's special about me Promptly I replied - my Individuality He grinned and posed a
Aakhri Duha  - Jul 13, 2010
भुत बन गया हु पत्थर का तेरी ही तरह मेरे मुक़द्दर में होने
Auto-bio-verse  - Jun 26, 2009
a peek into poet's mind
Hold my hand...  - Jun 24, 2009
a tragic love story
Soldier  - Jun 23, 2009
saga of a dying soldier
A butterfly and a flower bud  - Jun 22, 2009
a tragic love story
Fear  - Jun 17, 2009
about overcoming our fears
Give me a reason to believe  - Jun 17, 2009
a collection of love songs..
Tattooed love  - Jun 16, 2009
This one is inspired by the incredible writings of a dear friend Sushant Waradkar. It's my very first attempt at writing gothic verses.
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